iPhone X – What’s new

Hello Friends, so iPhone X is around, wants to know what it got ? watch the below video from Apple to know details of the new iPhone X. enjoy. Nowshera.net

Nowshera Forum

hello friends, ever wanted to have a platform to rise your voice and share your thoughts ? if yes its here follow the link or check up on our main site, >>> Nowshera Forum. http://www.nowshera.net/phpBB3/ Thank you. Nowshera.net Team.  

Eid Mubarak to Everyone !

Wishing all the Muslims around the globe a very happy and blessed Eid. May God Shower His blessings and peace on us at the end of Ramadan. Ameen.

Share your Feedback !

Welcome to Nowshera.net, we are thriving to hear from you ! please take this small survay to share your ideas and thoughts with us.

Life in Foreign Counteries

Watch the video below to have an idea how easy it is to earn money outside in other countries. then think twice before your leave your own 🙂

Do you have good knowledge of Flowers ?

Hi Guys, here is a very interesting test to check your knowledge of flowers take and lets see how much you know about kind of flowers around the world 🙂

What Type of House Suits you !

Hello and welcome, lets have a look with following quiz find out which type of house you should live in ! its really interesting you will love it :).