What Type of House Suits you !

Hello and welcome, lets have a look with following quiz find out which type of house you should live in ! its really interesting you will love it :).

Could you be in Air business ?

Many people would prefer to be flight attendant but lets see if you have that stuff required to be a successful one, take the quiz below !

Can you find the plural of these ?

hello and welcome, its time to check your knowledge about finding answers to some very commonly used words, try it, you will love it and learn a lot ! Enjoy.

Do you have common sense ?

Hello and welcome, Take the little test to know a bit of your common sense, its really interesting and you will love it. Enjoy.

Amazing News ! NASA has find another Earth ?!

Watch the amazing information about discovery of the this earth like planet, which is almost the same distance from its sun as our earth ! so is it possible it has got life on it too ? Untitled by nowshera_net